Sun Umbrella

If you want to find a place to relax, choose a beautiful place to hold an umbrella, stay close to nature, then put a few cups of fruit juice to enjoy the outdoor life. Just imagine how desirable and memorable it is ... ...
When we choose outdoor leisure umbrellas, the aspects from outdoor leisure umbrella processing, services, quality and others should all be take into consideration.


First of all, the quality of the material of outdoor leisure umbrella should be pay attention to, or the bad material can’t stand up the wind and rain for long time. When choosing materials, you should try to clear up the materials and thickness of outdoor leisure umbrella skeleton, choose metal and solid wood frame which is of appropriate thickness.

Second, the weight of outdoor leisure umbrellas is important. If the quality is too light, it can not work as the role of counterweight. That is to say it has security risks for it may not be able to stand the wind. The heavier of the counterweight, the better for the outdoor leisure umbrellas. You must make clear of weight when buying outdoor leisure umbrellas. It is not wise to just pick the good appearance one with light weight to buy. By the way, the umbrella bases is also important.

The last is the color of outdoor leisure umbrellas. Under normal circumstances, the regular umbrella can play the role of anti-UV, but if the color is more deep, the better the umbrella can anti-UV.