The Maintenance Of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor umbrella / awning / pavilion
Outdoor umbrellas usually accompanied by outdoor tables and chairs. Use vinegar and detergent mixture to brush lightly and vertically along the umbrella and then rinse with water. In addition, outdoor umbrellas need to be received in time when they are not used to extend its service life.


PE / PVC rattan furniture

Under normal circumstances, rattan tables and chairs only need to be scrubbed by water. If necessary, you can use weak alkaline (alkaline PH value less than 8) cleaning agent. You must clean thoroughly by using detergent to clean the rattan tables and chairs so as not to make chemical change under direct sunlight. A soft brush, rag or vacuum cleaner can be used as an auxiliary tool to clean rattan tables and chairs. When using the rattan table and chair, please avoid strong collision or scratch by the hard objects. For prolonged exposure under strong light, it is advisable to place rattan tables and chairs in a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight or use a furniture cover. Do not put glass, ceramics, shells and other materials on the rattan tables and chairs in order to avoid the formation of high-temperature melt off.

Plastic Wooden Table and Chair

With the appearance and feel of solid wood, Wood-plastic tables and chairs has the advantage of waterproof, moisture, mildew, pest control, high temperature, no crack, good care and other characteristics. The maintenance of plastic-wood tables and chairs is very simple. Normal cleaning and brushing are fine.

Aluminum alloy tables and chairs

If there are stains on the surface of aluminum tables and chairs, please wipe it with water. If necessary, you can use mild soapy water. Do not use heavy acid and alkaline cleaners. If there are depression or scratches, please immediately use anti-rust painted on. Dry or dry naturally.

Stainless steel furniture

For there are surface protective coating on stainless steel furniture, just rinse it with water and do not use cleaning agents. Remember to dry it with a dry cloth after cleaning immediately so as not to leave traces. When it is thoroughly dry, it should be coated with professional cleaning oil for protection of stainless steel.