Patio Chair

Courtyard is used to relax, entertain guests or stay with families, so it is very important to choose the right patio chair. In addition to its rest function, it also has a strong decorative effect.


The choice of the style of the courtyard seat depends on the personal taste, lifestyle and overall style of the courtyard. Selection can be considered from the economic and practical terms. Patio chair can be metal, wood, artificial synthesis, the plant itself and so on.

Wooden chair

Wood is widely used in furniture materials, which looks harmonious and natural match with the courtyard flowers. However, in order to extend the life of wooden chairs, people often select hard wood with anti-corrosion treatment.

Metal chair

With the elegant temperament, metal chair is usually made from long slats with relief patterns in the back. Metal chair is very popular and very durable, but its cost is higher than other chair.

Synthetic material chair

It is the best choice when space is limited in the courtyard. Its main component is fiber or plastic whose framework is aluminum. It greatly reduce the usage of space and it is easy to place and maintain.

Flower pool chair

Take the largest tree in the courtyard for the axis to do a circle of high backrest seat and the inner diameter should be slightly large. you can plant some plants or make a flower-seat, which do have a nice flower environment.

Natural materials

Place stone or wood in the courtyard, which not only show the pastoral style, but also is environmentally friendly and practically.

The most important factor for choosing the patio chair is practicability, and at the same time its decorative can not be ignored either.