Decorate Patio With Foreign Style Is King

Decorate patio with foreign style is king! Toronto outdoor furniture shopping Raiders.

In Canada......

Have you found that people all cherish the days can stay in the outdoors? Relying on the chair ... wearing a straw hat ... Sunlight sun, or in the yard barbecue and chat with friends and relatives, lazy to enjoy the great time ~

There are some people live in the courtyard of the House, or the Condo living with balcony, Canada mansion life is no longer just under the eaves of things, outdoor field design texture must not be overlooked. Toronto's spring and summer are on the road (a bit late this year) ... ... It is the time to decorate the outdoor space! Now Super Life is to take you into the sun ahead of the season, this article will introduce the Toronto outdoor furniture shopping Raiders by the following links! Ah ... ... Decorate patio with foreign style is king ~

Types of patio furniture
By category: Many types of patio furniture, like the garden table, Yangsan, deck chairs, ovens are common

By the mobility of points: divided into permanent fixed type (such as kiosks, solid wood tables and garden chairs, iron garden wood tables and chairs, etc.); mobile type (such as folding wooden tables and chairs and sun umbrellas) when used in the outdoors, and put it in room when it is not used. Movable type (Such as small dining table, dining chair and parasol) of such furniture is generally made of aluminum or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, it is suitable for field trip and fishing.

By the material points: divided into rattan, wood(teak, or general wood furniture needs preservatives after brushing in a layer of tung oil), wood, aluminum, plastic.

Patio furniture maintenance tips

1. Awning, sun umbrella

- afraid of bump

Please be gently during the installation process , try to avoid knocking or partial force resulted to too large and damaged. In high winds and heavy rain the weather should be avoided as far as possible. If the top cloth with water, to remove the umbrella frame in time to avoid long-term damage.

2. Plastic tables and chairs

- afraid of exposure

Plastic outdoor leisure furniture, should be placed on a smooth ground or grass, so as not to shake tilt. Cleaning is very simple, just rinse with water. However, plastic tables and chairs must avoid exposure, otherwise there will be faded, broken and other issues.

3. Rattan furniture

- afraid of deformation

Rattan tables and chairs or chair is relatively light, easy to move up, so clean these tables and chairs when you can use water and cleaning agents. In the usual use of rattan furniture, pay attention to the rattan joints, not to rattan of the nick out as far as possible, or it will be easy to bend and deformation.

4. Imitation rattan furniture

- afraid to draw touch

Imitation rattan material of outdoor furniture, the use of materials are synthetic polyester resin, high temperature will lead to soft cane, resulting in deformation. Be sure to avoid sun exposure, but also to avoid hard objects delimit.