Humanistic Concern Of Garden Bench

There are many garden benches in the garden of Vancouver, they are no difference from the benches in China, if you don’t look at them carefully. However, when you have a close look, you will find a mental sign with some words. The words are some personal names and words they want to say.
Humanistic Concern of Garden Bench

Garden bench have different shape , old and new. But the content of this sign is a kind of, that is love and miss!
Humanistic Concern of Garden Bench
In memory of Ernie and Helen Roberts Sit, relax and enjoy your day.
Humanistic Concern of Garden Bench
In loving memory of Meta & Clarence Johnson Gordon & Allan Mervin
Humanistic Concern of Garden Bench
In memory of ARTHUR W.BATY
A loving husband and father
We will loved you august 8.1917-June 8.1993
Humanistic Concern of Garden Bench
In loving memory of Doreen A. Lycett Sit Down.
Relax, enjoy the space.
This always was mum’s favourite place.

See these words above, experience in this kind of tender feeling, have the idea of want to learn about these garden benches where they came from. Know that bench sign, are all donors to honor their loved ones, be realized by unified donations to the park management committee.
Humanistic Concern of Garden Bench
Call to know the situation of city park service that to do such a Memorial Bench, the donation amount is about 1000 c, but the specific details need to head to answer.

I have no idea whether we Chinese can also have this way? To solve the public money, and satisfy people's emotional needs. More those who linger in this there is a warm touch! Serve several, I feel quite good!

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