Beer Table

Many people do like the traditional picnic on a mat, but there are those who feel more comfortable sitting at a table and enjoying a perfect meal. That is why a portable picnic table is a great solution for picnicking outdoors. It's easy to carry and takes just seconds to unfold and set up. Portable picnic tables are very practical as they are usually light in weight, foldable and do not require a flat surface to be set up. These tables are designed to be strong and long lasting and are also very easy to maintain.

The folding picnic table can be packed and thrown into the back of your truck or car and taken for picnics, trips and camping. The convenience of transporting and storing these portable tables makes this great furniture ready to use anytime and anywhere.

The picnic tables come in a variety of materials. They shall be durable to stay outdoors and hence they often are used for many other purposes. Traditionally a picnic table was made of wood but nowadays you can choose from ecologically friendly recycled plastic to thermoplastic coated metal to concrete or aluminum. The wooden picnic table provides the classic look of a traditional picnic table combining quality and durability of welded metal frame construction for years of service. The wood is always cedar, pine, redwood, cherry, teak and oak. Wooden picnic tables are durable and the beautiful wood withstands harsh weather conditions with minimal maintenance requirements. Wooden picnic tables can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Portable Picnic Table and Chair for Outdoors Portable Picnic Table and Chair for Outdoors
    The best wood for the outdoor picnic table hinges on cost, durability, function and appearance. Fir is the most affordable, composite or treated wood is the most durable, and cedar is one of the most functional. Our factory always uses the fir wood.
  • Wooden Picnic Table and Chair for Outdoors Wooden Picnic Table and Chair for Outdoors
    Outdoor picnic tables should be functional and elegant at the same time, should be easily portable or movable. This becomes important when someone wants to mow around the table or simply relocate it to a different part of the backyard and the beer tables
  • Wooden Folding Picnic Tables for Outdoors Wooden Folding Picnic Tables for Outdoors
    Picnic table set provides durable outdoor seating for small to large gatherings and can last for years when properly cared for. While typically built and treated to withstand the elements, the sealants used to protect the wood on picnic tables breaks down