Analysis On Outdoor Furniture Market

In 2014, the industry of outdoor furniture and household of China has proceeded in a "second reform" and began their transition and upgrade.

In 2013, the output of the furniture industry of China was over billion, and the export volume was USD53, 060million. It had become a huge industry, but also had been limited by the market and the resources.

On the market
The domestic market of the outdoor furniture is still large, but the consumers and theirs demands have changed radically. The consumers are mainly the 1980s', they have higher education and tastes, and great consumption. They prefer to personalized products, direct supply and good after sales service. About the international market of the furniture, the economy of the USA is not stable and the Europe just came out of the crisis. The values of the export to the advanced countries are more than 60%, which means within these years the iron furniture export of China will not increase as greatly as before.

On the resources
The wood resource of China is deficient and seriously depends on the import. The hard wood cost increases 10%-20% due to shortage and domestic demand increase. We can produce wood-based panel a lot, but the quality and the application technology cannot meet the market in short time. So the furniture of solid wood in China faces the big resources pressure.

Analysis On Outdoor Furniture Market