Happy New Year The Ninth Year

Today is Dec.30,2015. It means year of 2015 comes to the end and year, 2016 is coming.

As always I did before, here I would like to write something for the ending and the coming. It is the 9th time for me to do that. And as always, I am excited because it is the serious time for me to check what my company and I have done in the passing year and what we will and shall do in the new year.

2015 means a lot for the company. To meet the market demand, we have successfully built a second new factory to produce more cast iron and cast iron products. It runs well and brings us handsome profit. At the same time, we broaden our product varieties, we have not only cast iron benches, but also other cast iron products. For example, this year we have produced and sold more than twenty containers of cast iron garden lights to Europe and got wonderful feedback with high quality, best price and timely delivery. And this year, we also successfully developed cast iron pots and pans with twelve containers to Africa.

Here I would like to focus on our plastic chair sets. As all you know, we did the business well at the beginning with more than fifty containers a year. But this business almost died during 2011-2013 because we insist in using new materials but many other factories used recycled and wasted materials to produce the plastic chair sets---they were too much cheaper. But from last year, especially this year, our plastic chairs business comes back and develops again. So I am sure good quality is No. 1 and we only do good quality products.

It is the overseas market of 2015. Our domestic market is good too. We not only produce cast iron fences and legs but also cast iron bollard and traffic barriers, they also brings gratifying profit. 

For year 2016, we shall still keep good quality first. We will offer all the customers our best price with best quality and best service, but not cheap price with poor quality and bad service. We will still keep pace with the time and the market demand. 

My dear partners and colleagues, we are a family of GH METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD.. I am sure we can conquer all difficulties in the severe world situation and go forward together for long, long time.

Best wishes for you, for me and for our family-GH METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD..
Happy New Year The Ninth Year