Cast Iron Bench Popular In Outdoor Place

Cast iron bench is a kind of outdoor products for the rest of the people. It can be used in parks, residential areas, large parks, shopping malls and other public places. With the development of society, cast iron bench has entered the majority cities (small and medium). It has become a beautiful landscape of the city and brought convenience to people. In addition, it makes the environment more harmonious. Cast iron bench belongs to outdoor leisure bench. But many people can’t understand it well. Now, I will tell you some basic information about cast iron bench.

Cast iron bench base
1. Choose material: malleable cast iron with strong plasticity, or better strength and toughness malleable iron.
2. Manufacturing process: casting the raw material by a variety of casting progress, and ensuring the products strength and degree of peace through annealing, eliminate stress and other processes.
3. Products protection: choosing method according to the use occasion. Common use: the soft film antirust oil protection, electrostatic spraying, paint processing etc.
4. Products features: simple and generous, stable and strong, corrosion resistance, various style, unique.
Cast Iron Bench Popular In Outdoor Place

Cast iron bench part
1. Wooden cast iron bench part:
a. Wood treatment: dividing the row wood into required specification and drying (natural dry or steam drying). Then carrying out a series of late processing to ensure that the formation of the chair and let the bench can be painted.
b. Paint handing: the wood will be painted a few times and it should be polished to remove wood surface burr. Then painting it to ensure a certain degree of gloss

2. Plastic wooden cast iron bench part:
a.Using PP, PE, PS to stir it mixing with wood flour
b. Putting powder into wood plastic extrusion equipment, then heating and molding. Finally, the cast iron bench comes into being.

3. Other material:
a. Anticorrosive wood: after special anti-corrosion treatment, the wood has the function of anti-corrosion, anti-termites and fungi.
b. Carbonization wood: carbonization of the effective nutrient components of wood.

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