How To Maintain Iron Outdoor Furniture Two

If the rust has expended heavier, you should ask some relevant technical staff to repair. Especially, you can not use sandpaper and other rough surface material polished directly. Acid which has a corrosive effect on iron outdoor furniture is the "number one killer. If the iron outdoor furniture accidentally stained acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), base (such as azomethine, soapy water, soda water), you should use water to clean it immediately, and then dry it with cotton cloth.

The maintenance of iron outdoor furniture (c)
Outdoor iron furniture should be placed in dry ventilated place. When you clean the iron outdoor furniture, you’d better don’t use wet cloth to wipe the surface. The position where place the furniture should can avoid the direct exposure to the sun. If the iron furniture exposure to sun for a long time, the paint color will fade and paint layer chapped peeling or metal will appear oxidative deterioration.

The maintenance of iron outdoor furniture (d)
If you make the iron outdoor furniture idle for long time, it will rust. Also, you shouldn’t forget to clean rust regularly. When you eliminate the dust, you’re better use cotton fabric cloth to wipe it gently. For the dust in depression and relief ornamentation of the iron outdoor furniture, it is best to use soft wool brush to dust. When clean iron outdoor furniture, you do not use boiling water to clean iron furniture and can use wet cloth to wipe, but don't wash with water. If the iron furniture is rusty, you couldn’t polished with sandpaper freely.

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How to Maintain Iron Outdoor Furniture (2)