Ways To Maintain Iron Furniture

Select some iron products, such as iron wine racks, screens, iron table and chairs, flower stands, iron wood burning stoves and iron fire grates and put them in our house, can fortify the life fun. If the room is enough, we can put some iron fences in the living room and assemble an iron swing with flowers at the balcony, which can change the traditional and boring plane layout and enrich the space layers. So how to maintain the iron furniture?

1. Avoid bumping- moving the furniture carefully and keeping them fixed and stable.
2.Keep clean- use the knitted fabric of pure cotton to clean the surface of the iron furniture.
3. Keep away from the acid and alkali- the acid and alkali corrode the iron furniture. If stained by them, the iron furniture shall be cleaned with the clean water at once and then dry them with the cotton.
4. Keep away from the sun
5. Avoid moist
6. Remove the rust-if the metal furniture is rusted, do not rub with abrasive paper. We can paint the rusty spot by the cotton with machine oil first, a moment later, the rusty spot can be removed by the rag. If the furniture rusts heavily, we shall have it maintained by the technicians.
Ways To Maintain Iron Furniture