Garden Bench Change Its Style

In addition to plants, there are many other features in balcony. In the same way, flower beds, shade is indispensable thing. Then whether you thought about that set a bench in it? Next, I will tell you some tips to get rid of garden bench law-abiding. Check it out.
Wooden fence operate as a garden fence, and planting green plants around the bottom, the peripheral walls fixed with cement. Space below the concrete wall can not be wasted. You can view it as a stool back and place a wooden bench surface. That is serve two purposes, a dual-use, good seating area came out!

Garden Bench- Change Its Style
You can design a platform, where in the bottom of the shade, shade or other orientation in garden. So the bottom of the floor space can be used well. Then you can out a pillow on it, which can be a good place to rest.

All wood spaces and greenery echoes shows good natural flavor, sidelined wooden fence is a good material for the garden bench. Put a pillow covered with upholstered stool is a good leisure bench. It is large enough to place even more people are not afraid.

Simple small garden, but function is enough to complete, such as coffee table, stools, benches. If you feel the space is too little, you can use the wall planted tree. Using it as bench back, and placing beneath spotlights is a good idea.

The rear of bench build with stones is flocks of greenery. There are some cushions on the stones. The pillow with variety colors will decorate the entire area well. Stone coffee table in front of green grass decoration is also very nice.

The garden build near water is a good place. You should design the L-shaped bench near the edge of garden, whether it designed by stone and simple board. And setting a small dining table will be able to decorate the corner comfortably and intimately.

Garden Bench- Change Its Style1

Villa has a large garden space area. You can circle a rest area on large mud ground. And setting bench on it. In the side of ground, putting an L-shaped wooden garden benches in accordance with the entire house of the material, consistent style.

The curved bench circle the rest area in the whole garden. Regarding the bench as side and setting a coffee table beside it. Then putting awnings and sofa on it which can make it become a good lounge area.