How To Pick A Qualified Outdoor Umbrella Starbucks Umbrella

Whether outdoor coffee, outdoor gatherings or shopping rest, outdoor umbrellas are essential things. If a store establish an outdoor umbrella with a few outdoor leisure tables and chairs thoughtfully, then guests will come to it without specific attraction. Some food and beverage, service, entertainment and other industries especially need this to attract the guests. But the outdoor umbrella has variety of quality. If the election is not good, it will be a big problem. Of course, how to choose outdoor umbrellas is the primary problem.


First of all, since it is outdoor umbrella, the shade, blocking effect of UV is naturally very important. This requires a good selection of the umbrella, the umbrella material is the soul of a umbrella. Choose a right umbrella, sun protection, against sand and not easy to dirty, so the surface of the umbrella is an an important criterion to judge whether the outdoor umbrella is of good quality. Followed by the natural umbrella skeleton, it should be strong enough to support a large outdoor umbrella. If the umbrella skeleton is not strong enough, the umbrella is very easy to skew or even dumping.

Of course, the weight on the proportion of distribution of the outdoor umbrellas is also important, the top-heavy umbrella is absolutely unbearable. The selection of the umbrella skeleton is also important, in the wind and sun, the material must not be easily damaged and rust, which for the material selection is a big test. At the same time, Pay attention to some details, such as the junction of the surface and skeleton, umbrella base, umbrella joint office materials, etc. Sometimes, some small details will determine the quality of a outdoor umbrella. I hope you can choose a right one.

An outdoor umbrella may also be a facade of the store, select a bargain outdoor umbrella is a skill.