How To Choose An Outdoor Bench

With the development of economy, people need more comfort in life. It is a common to see an outdoor bench in many public places for people to take a rest.

Outdoor bench appears in the residential zone, park, square and shopping mall and so on. It offers a comfortable space for the passerby to have a rest. Then how to choose a suitable outdoor bench among the different kinds by GH Metal Product Co.,Ltd.?

How To Choose An Outdoor Bench
1. Length and arm

Outdoor bench has different length. If you need them in your park, sitting or sleeping, you can choose 150cm long or longer, without arm. If you need them in the square or in the shopping mall, I will prefer one with arm.

2. Comfort

Check the hardness of the materials and sit on the outdoor bench to confirm the comfort of the seat and back. Since outdoor bench is for people to relax, the comfort level is very important.

3. Height of back

For those persons who like sitting straight, you can choose the outdoor benches without arm nor back, or lower arm and lower back, because they focus their gravity on their waists and hips; for those like leaning, we can choose the benches with higher back. Either low or high back, you should choose according to your sitting habit.

4. Height of arm

For those who like free space, we can choose the outdoor bench with lower arm or without arm; If the persons like putting themselves within the bench, we prefer to the outdoor bench with higher arm and deeper seat.

Anyway, GH METAL PRODUCT CO.,LTD. produces different kinds of leisure bench, garden bench for outdoors. We can satisfy all your demands. And at the same time, GH Metal produces different kinds of metal furniture, such as cast iron umbrella base, cast iron street lamp and cast iron birdbath and so on. You can visit our company website to check more and tell us by if you like.